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BRaG - Our Local Voice

BRaG is the local community organisation for residents in Burton Road, Richmond Park Road and Gibbon Road.



The first beer festival for BRaG will take place in the St Lukes Vicarage garden and the closed section of Burton road between RPR and Gibbon road. It all kicks off at 6pm on the 7th October 2017, hot on the heels of the 1-6pm Play streets event on the same day in the same place.


We can only sell a limited number of tickets for this event so please secure your ticket and wurstband ASAP.

Entry is stricltly by ticket/wurstband only and here's where they are on sale:

Thu 28th Sep 5pm - 9pm Glen Keywood

47 Richmond park road

Sun 1st Oct 3pm-9pm David French 23 Burton road
Mon 2nd Oct 7pm-9pm Caroline Rand

2 Richmond park road

Weds 4th Oct 6pm-9pm Ron Hinsley 44 Gibbon road
Thurs 5th Oct 6pm-9pm Diane Watling 99 Richmond park road
Fri 6th Oct 6pm-9pm Katy Mepham 67 Gibbon road

More information about the event can be found here

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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

BRaGstreet is the home for the Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) scheme for our local area is run in association with the Canbury Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) as a way of passing information amongst residents to help reduce crime and make our neighbourhood safer.  


Please use the Amazon link below to make your purchases raise money for the BRaG charities.